Pricing for English Editing Services

    Enago provides three kinds of SCI paper services, and flexible English editing pricing, allowing you to choose the services you need according to your needs, such as delivery time, additional services you need, and after-sales assistance. 

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    Delivery PlanTop Impact Scientific EditingSubstantive EditingCopy Editing
    6 Days$600$252$174
    4 Days$900$268$180
    3 DaysNA$330$189
    2 DaysNA$386$216
    1 DayNA$432$225
    • Quality Assurance Check

      Highly-qualified experts who have reviewed for high impact factor journals will review your manuscript and suggest improvements.

      Add-on price

      $420 (Standard)

      $540 (Express)

    • Top Impact Scientific Report

    • Plagiarism Check

    • Rejection Shield

    • Edit Unlimited

    • Cover Letter

    • Rejection Shield

      If your manuscript is rejected, we will edit your responses to reviewer's comments, edit the revisions and additional content to address the reviewer's comments. 

    • Manuscript Rate Card

    • Edit Unlimited

    • Cover Letter

    • Plagiarism Check $100

    • Edit Unlimited

      You can get your manuscript edited unlimited times at an additional 2 cents/word.

      Add-on price

      $60 (Standard)

    • Manuscript Rate Card

    • Cover Letter $60

    • Plagiarism Check $100

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    I am unsure which service will suit my paper the most. Can you help?+

    Yes, we offer editing services with various options to ensure that requirement of the document are met. To know more about our service options you can visit: English Editing Services Page (See our complete feature comparison).  If you are still unsure of which service you should opt for, send us your document at and we will help you choose the right service according to your paper’s requirement.

    What are the available payment options?+

    We allow our clients to make payments through credit/debit cards and PayPal. You can also make a bank transfer. For further details, write to us at

    How do I upload my document?+

    Click here to upload your document or you can also send it to us via email at

    Can I view a sample of an edited document? +

    Sure, you can view subject specific samples of edited documents on our website; click here to view the samples. You can also write to us at for further information.