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    Journal Selection Assistance Service

    Advantages of Enago Journal Selection Assistant

    • 3-5 recommendations that strikes a balance between your publication expectations and your manuscript quality.
    • Select journals from your designated databases, including SCI, SSCI, Web of Science, and Scopus.
    • A detailed Journal Selection Report with actionable suggestions for improving your manuscript.
    • If your paper is rejected by the journal for “out of scope,” we will provide 2 additional journal recommendations based on content quality.

    How Do We Shortlist Target Journals?

    Our expert will make 3-5 journal recommendations based on the significance of your research, the condition of your manuscript, and your publication requirements (urgency, expected impact and reach, accessibility features). We will assess the following factors: 

    • Compatibility with publication scope and submission guideline
    • Database indexing and Impact Factor
    • Estimate review/publication cycle and publication frequency
    • Accessibility (digital/print; types of Open Access)
    • Article Processing Charges and other associated fees

    If you already have any target journals in mind, please specify them in your inquiry and we will assess them along with other suitable journals. 

    Suggestions for Improving Your Manuscript

    Experts will comment on your manuscript on the topic and research content, analyze it against the target journal, and provide suggestions for improving its quality and chances of a successful publication. The comment items are the following:

    • Writing and content structure
    • Clarity of research presentation and strength of evidence
    • Novelty and significance of the research
    • Compliance with journal guideline and publication scope

    We Deliver

    • A detailed Journal Selection Report with the vital information including Impact Factor, indexing status, publisher information, publication frequency, review model, accessibility, and publication fees of each recommended journal.
    • Assessment of your research manuscript with actionable suggestions.
    • If your paper is rejected by the journal for “out of scope,” we will provide 2 additional journal recommendations based on manuscript quality.

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    Delivery And Pricing

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    4 business days$ 200

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the impact factor the main standard to be considered while choosing a target journal?+

    Impact factor is only one of the measures you should take into consideration while selecting a suitable journal. Other factors like journal’s aim and scope match with your research topic, novelty of the study, frequency of publication, journal coverage (indexed in well-known databases like Scopus, SCI, SCIE, SSCI etc.) are also prominent factors while choosing a target journal.

    Is the first journal recommended by the Journal Selection Service the best journal for my thesis?+

    The 3-5 journals we recommend are suitable for submitting your manuscript. However, we suggest you choose the first two journals under the "Most Promising" category selected by experts for a higher publication chance. You can choose the journals under the "Normal" category as per the degree of relevance to your manuscript by reading the expert's opinions below. Accordingly, you can select one of the five recommended journals for the submission of your manuscript.

    Are influencing factors the main criteria to consider when choosing a target journal?+

    Influencing factors are one of the measures to consider when selecting the right journal. The journal's goals, alignment with the research topic, the novelty of the research, frequency of publication, journal coverage (indexed in well-known databases such as Scopus, SCI, SCIE, SSCI, etc.) are also the major factors to consider when choosing a target journal.

    What information do i need to provide?+

    Please upload your research manuscript when you place the order. If you already have a target journal, please tell us its title and url.