Physical Sciences and Engineering

    Enago's editing team has highly experienced engineers and Ph.D.s in Physical Sciences and Engineering. Of all the manuscripts that we, at Enago, edit - 900,00+ papers (over 25% of total papers) spanning 130,00 journals come from the field of Physical Sciences, Engineering, and related subjects. The editors at Enago are experts in editing papers for leading societies like the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and top academic publishers like Wiley and IEEE. Thus, Enago is highly preferred by researchers who aim to publish their papers in renowned journals. More than 65% of Enago's editors in this discipline have edited for the industry’s leading publishers such as the IEEE. Helped by our accomplished editors, our clients have continually published their manuscripts in High Impact Factor journals.

    What Sets us Apart

    30+ Types of Physical
    Sciences Documents

    Published more than 30 types of Physical Science documents ranging from original articles, bulletins, comments to commentaries, and more.

    13000+ Physical Science & Engineering related

    Expertise in editing papers for over 130,00 related journals like ASME, SAGE, eJMT, and more.

    350+ Subject areas

    Our range of specialized subject
    areas expertise including nuclear physics, physical chemistry, mechanical engineering, and more. Full range of topics given below.

    50% Editors as Published

    More than 50% of our editors are published authors or peer reviewers, while most of them have worked as peer reviewers for international English journals.

    14 Avg. years of Editor

    The average experience our editors have in physical science-related subjects is 14 years.

    PhDs And Masters degree
    holders only

    All editors in this discipline hold PhDs, MS, or Masters degrees from established universities, including MIT and the University of California.

    Editing Samples

    Experience Enago's Top Editing. Our expert editors are highly qualified and edit based on complete contextual understanding. They are skilled at identifying errors such as inconsistent usage of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing (which are synonyms and not different techniques), appropriate usage for units and symbols (um -> μm). View editing samples from specialized subject areas like Computer/Information Sciences, Material Science & Engineering, and more.

    Enago's Expertise in Physical Sciences and Engineering editing

    Enago is highly preferred by researchers who want to publish their papers with leading publications like the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and academic publishers like Wiley and IEEE. We have served more than 270,00 universities, corporates and individuals. Here is a small selection of our clients from Physical Science and related subject areas.

    • University
      of Oxford
    • European
      University Institute
    • Imperial
      College London
    • Harvard
    • SAGE
    • Angewandte
    • Coordination
      Chemistry Reviews
    • Applied

    All our editors are experienced, trained, & kept abreast of the latest editing styles and guidelines of the international medical journals and associations.

    • Committee on
      Publication Ethics
    • Chicago
      Manual of Style
    • American Society
      of Mechanical Engineers
    • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
    • American Society of Civil Engineers
    • SAE International

    Numerous Enago clients have published their papers in High Impact Factor journals. Check out a few of our authors' publication success.

    Our Editorial Team

    All our editors are highly experienced and experts in their respective subject areas and have, on average, 14 years of experience in editing & publishing physical sciences and engineering research papers in top international journals. They are trained to identify and correct not just common grammar errors and typos but also subject specific errors like stylistic elements and scientific naming conventions. Check out Editing Samples to know more.

    Find your Subject Area / Preferred Journal

    Here is the entire list of 190+ medicine-related subjects that Enago’s editors have expertise in. You can use the search bar to find your subject area field. If you do not see your subject area on the list, please( we’ll find the best editor for you.