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Simplified Abstracts


Simplified Abstract is a short, jargon-free summary of your research manuscript that aims to capture the attention of a wide range of audiences.

Summarizing your research using simple, jargon-free language can ensure that it is understood by professionals beyond your field of study, as well as the general public. We understand that simplifying a technical document is not always easy, which is where Enago’s Simplified Abstracts service steps in.

Under Simplified Abstracts, our content and language experts will draft a clear, concise summary (approximately. 200 words) that conveys the purpose and findings of your research. The summary will contain all the key elements of your work presented in simple, plain English. A Simplified Abstract can thus increase your chances of recognition and citations.


Sample 1 - 200 Words (Manuscript Word Count - 5,000 words)   View Sample
Sample 2 - 185 Words (Manuscript Word Count - 4,000 words)   View Sample

Who should opt for Simplified Abstract ?

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  • Researchers looking to promote their published work to the general public.
  • Researchers wanting to ensure maximum readership and citations for their published paper.
  • First-time authors who are keen to make an impact within the academic community.
  • Publishers who want to improve the citation metrics of their journals.

How does it work?

Upload your manuscript to our online portal in any file format, example, Word or PDF.
Our in-house team will then thoroughly review the content and subject matter of your document.
A content expert summarizes your paper into approximately. 200 words.
The Simplified Abstract is finally reviewed by a native English language expert before being sent to you.

What do you receive?

  • An easily understandable, jargon-free summary of your research (approximately. 200 words)

Delivery and Pricing

Turnaround Time Price
5 business days $250

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my manuscript have to be published before I use this service?

This is entirely up to you. You can share with us your submission-ready, journal-accepted manuscript or a paper that has already been published. Also, note that if your paper has been edited by us, we can provide the summary to you once you have approved our language changes.

What if I need to make some changes to the Simplified Abstract?

Minor revisions to language or grammar or some preferential edits can be made. However, major content revisions will not be possible.

Thank you for contacting Enago. We will reply to your question within 24 hours.

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